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*Sadly, we must report that our brilliant, funny, and wonderful author, team mate, and veterans' leader Dennis Latham passed away in 2019. A wounded and decorated combat veteran of Vietnam, Dennis published *The S-2 Report* for years that was of great help to thousands of fellow veterans. The above link is to his books at Amazon.

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We have selected the highest quality sites to link here, for your enjoyment and convenience. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather a list of topnotch sites that we have visited, used, studied, and believe that others can benefit from the knowledge obtained at these sources. We provide the links in good faith, but cannot warranty the performance, quality, or content therein. We do wish to sincerely thank the fine people who put all this good information together.

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Science Fiction


Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Magazines

Aboriginal Science Fiction
Aboriginal Science Fiction has been around for quite a while in print, and now you can enjoy some of its excellent articles and other content on the Web site, but to get it all you'll want to subscribe to this respected print publication.

This is yet another great magazine, and essential reading for anyone who enjoys Science Fiction and Fact.

Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Asimov's has been going strong for many many years, and has flourished, even after the death of its creator. Contributors include Robert Silverberg and the late Isaac Asimov, as well as a host of Science Fiction's best and brightest authors, both famous and fresh.

Dark Planet
A consistent award winner, Dark Planet is a "Webzine of Science Fiction, Modern Fantasy, Poetry, and Related Nonfiction".

Eternity: The Online Journal of the Imagination
There is plenty of great fiction here to keep you entertained. Eternity is an excellent on-line/off-line market.

Event Horizon: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
The people who brought you OMNI on-line have created a Web-based magazine that publishes new fiction by well-known authors, for your reading pleasure. In addition, they have controversial commentary, and always have a contest for readers.

Exodus Magazine
Exodus is a fine monthly publication of dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction, on-line since November 1997, that is brought to you by the enterprising minds at

Fantasy and Science Fiction
Another Web incarnation of another classic print magazine can be found here.

This site is full of great fiction, non-fiction, and dark poetry.
These innovators have published the likes of David Schow and Brian Hodge. This is one of the first professionally paying horror markets that publishes exclusively on the Web. Also, check out the other dark pleasures here, from T-shirts to creepy postcards and more.

Locus Magazine
Locus is the place to find out what is happening in the world of Science Fiction. Magazine lists, reviews, and other useful articles.

The Moonlit Road
For lovers of ghost stories, this is one of the most enjoyable sites on the Web. They showcase ghost stories of the American South, some of which are available in RealAudio or Shockwave format, for those nights cuddled by the fire.

Planet Magazine
Check out this legendary on-line fiction magazine... publishing great fiction that is free to read since 1994!

Weird Tales
Weird Tales has been around for a long time, and has been through several incarnations. Have a look at the info available on this Web counterpart.

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Web Resources for SF/F/H Fans

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey
This is the classic, and ultimate resource for horror fans. If it is on the Internet, and if it's about Horror, then you can find it here.

An excellent site that has tons of original content, as well as news about the Horror industry.

SF-Lovers Archive
An exhaustive source for all that is SF on the 'Net.

The SF Site
The SF Site is the place to go for the best news and reviews in the world of Science Fiction. Don't miss this essential resource!

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Resources for SF/F/H Writers

Blindside Writer's Domain

For Writers Only

Hellnotes: Your Insider's Guide to the Horror Field

Horror Writers Association

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)

Spicy Green Iguana

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