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Transmission: Editorial Columns

Each month in Transmission, we bring you the latest news and commentary on the world of Speculative Fiction, and details on the production of Deep Outside SFFH. From 1998 to September 2000, Editor John T. Cullen provided monthly commentary. John K. Muir took over the media critic/editorial page in October 2000, launching his own *Transmission* Editorial label (which became *Transmission* Media at Far Sector SFFH. John K. Muir's supreme specialty has long been media journalism and reporting. See his biography at bottom of this page.

John Kenneth Muir's Biography: The full list of John's national and global achievements is too lengthy to document here. Keeping this bio within the context of our 1998-2002 magazine (Far Sector SFFH continued to 2007 with John on board still as a key team member), here are two important links of many in the 2022 renovation by JTC.
One: John Kenneth Muir's  Wikipedia page;
Two: John Kenneth Muir's  personal website.


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