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About the Author

Jak Koke

Jak Koke's most recent novels are Stranger Souls, Clockwork Asylum, andBeyond the Pale the trilogy of books which make up "The Dragon HeartSaga." Stranger Souls and Beyond the Pale both reached number one on theLocus Magazine bestseller list for game-related fiction.

His first novel, Dead Air, a stand-alone book in the Shadowrun® world, was published by Roc books in 1996 and it hit number four on the Locus list.Koke has also written a fantasy novel, Liferock, which will soon bepublished by FASA Corporation as part of its Earthdawn® series.

Both solo and in collaboration with Jonathan Bond, Koke has also sold shortstories to AMAZING STORIES and PULPHOUSE: A FICTION MAGAZINE, and hascontributed to several anthologies such as Rat Tales by Pulphouse, YoungBlood by Zebra, and Talisman, an Earthdawn® anthology.

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by Jak Koke

Jak Koke has asked for removal of his wonderful story Morphosis, after a generous presence of over 14 years, for inclusion of the story in an upcoming print anthology. We wish him all the best with the story and his writing career.


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